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Orange Peal is a graphic design firm here to help you create a brand or product that connects with and appeals to all the right people.

SINCE 2009

How it started.

An old friend of mine wrote this for me when I was first starting out as a freelance designer. It tells the first chapter of my design story. The chapter in which my favorite color was undeniably orange.

Rachel Rosales likes the color orange. Orange is sun. Orange is fruit. Orange is laughter. Orange is loud, like a bell ringing in the morning. In her designs (and in her life) Rachel always hopes to measure up to the color orange. She received a BFA in Graphic Design at the University of Idaho, graduating Suma Cum Laude in 2007. As a student, she was a recipient of the Liberace scholarship award, and her poster design was chosen for the 2007 Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.


After two years of freelancing, she needed an orange place to call her own, and the  Orange Peal Design Studio was born, opening its doors in 2009. She has professional experience in everything from web and print advertising to magazine layout, brochure design, and wedding invitations. There’s not a lot that she hasn’t done, and even less that she can’t do.


Rachel designs for the same reason that bees buzz. She can’t help it. And she throws her exuberance into every project, big or small. Most of what she does isn’t actually orange, but all of it is orange in spirit. ND Wilson



Now that 12+ years have gone by, I am a mom of three, have a stash of dark chocolate in my desk drawer (that the boys know about and like to nibble on!) and find the cutest little drawings of "great logo ideas" scattered throughout my sketchbooks!

I still think about design all the time. I see it and study it (and often redesign things in my head) everywhere I go, obsessively. I love it as much as I did at the beginning, and enjoy every project that comes my way.

Here's a little about me, in no particular order.

1. I still love orange, but gravitate toward white in my style and decor. (And gold, too!)

2. We homeschool our kids, who are currently 8, 5, and 6 months, and very smart.

3. I am from Idaho, but we currently live in Louisiana, where the word "boil" sounds like "bowl" and "all full" sounds like "awful." And they say "might could" a lot!

4. When we have free time, we bake chocolate chip cookies. We cannot help ourselves.

5. My favorite quote is, "I have never done anything in obedience to God that I later regretted." (Randy Booth, pastor)

6. I am finding that I love interior decor and home renovating more and more. I also love styling other peoples' homes, helping them choose paint colors, tile, fixtures, etc, and painting every wall white. Also, I have a weakness for a well-executed shelfie.

7. My husband and I have been married for 10 years, and he is my biggest fan.

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